Historic Red Top Jail 1895 - 1982
The Historic “Red Top Jail” is located along the south bank of the
Llano River, one block east of Ford Street (State Highway 16 &
71) in Llano, Texas.
The Pauly Jail Building and Manufacturing Company of St. Louis,
Missouri, erected this building, known as the “Red Top Jail.” The
yearlong construction was completed in December of 1895 at the
cost of  $11,500.  The gray granite for the exterior was quarried
in the county.  The red roof of the Romanesque revival jail
provided the building its nickname, and prisoners often spoke of
staying over at the “Red Top.”  
The jailer used the first floor for an office and living quarters. The
second floor had four cells and two drunk tanks.  The fourth and
fifth floors housed the gallows. The “Red Top Jail” is entered into
the National Register of Historic Places, is a Texas Historic
Landmark and located in Llano’s Main Street Historic District.
The County’s prisoners were housed in the building until the late
1970s.  It has been used as a museum by the Daughters of the
Republic of Texas and for Head Start’s pre-school program.
The Jail is now managed by the Friends of the Llano Red Top Jail
. Plans are being made to restore the building. For more
information contact
Frank Rowell at Enchanted Rocks & Jewelry, 1-325-247-4137.
Tom Dalrymple 325-423-2516
Mike Reagor 325-247-6704
City Hall 325-247-4158  Mara Dudley ext. 204 - Sarah Franklin
ext. 209
Annual member meeting July 12th with Jail Break and tours
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This years American Idol contestant Cory Weaver is one of the ghost hunters that visited the red Top Jail. Be sure to watch the show
on January 19th and 20th. The Jail may be shown during the show.
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Red Top Jail the Movie
Filmed by the Llano High School