Basic Internet Marketing Tools


SEO is a search engine optimization, a set of measures to raise the site in search results. SEO works simply: a user enters a specific query in a searching engine and goes to the needed sites. An overwhelming number of webmasters uses SEO. Optimization is necessary for all sites in the global network because it is almost impossible to get natural traffic without costs not using it.

Contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is ads that match the content of the page on which they are located. They are placed in the search results or on thematic sites. A user who enters a specific request sees the advertisement and goes directly to the site. Or users can get there from the relevant page of another web resource. Contextual advertising is used by the owners of new sites and everyone who wants a quick result.

Targeted Advertising

These are the ads targeted at a specific group of consumers. It is often used in social networks. A user sees the advertisement and navigates through it to the site. Targeting advertising is mainly used by those who are promoted in social networks.


SMM is a promotion in social networks through the pages of a brand/company. Users find it in a social network and order products. Social networks lead to “live” communication with customers and simplify the process of interaction with them.

Email marketing

E-mail marketing is the interaction with users by e-mail. A client of the company, who received the letter, remembers it and goes to the site. Or a user simply finds out about the services from the letter and orders them. Email marketing uses a smaller number of companies because it is associated with spam. But if you use this tool correctly, creating unique letter templates with catchy text, you can get a good result.

Mobile applications

Mobile applications help develop your brand or get transitions to the site. Using your application, a client of a company will be more loyal due to the convenient service. Or a user can see your advertisement in another application and will visit your site. Applications use major brands that seek to create a convenient service.

Viral advertising

Viral advertising is videos, pictures or text that users themselves distribute. People who see such advertising in social networks (or in any other place) can’t skip it. But most often they don’t become clients because they are not originally your target audience. Everyone tries to use viral advertising, but it turns out that not many people can make it work well.

Content marketing

Content marketing is the publication of useful content on the site, on social networks, on third-party sites. A user who reads a useful article may turn into a client or become a regular reader. You should try to publish everything, but it has to be interesting and useful. Large promotion agencies, famous personalities, and companies have their blogs. Take an example from them.

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